During our trip we went for a nice trip to Yellowstone park. After 3 days searching, the park is very big. We saw a group of bisons. In the end we where so lucky to see a Grizzly Bear. 20180810-_DSC6867-2

The Bull is coming




sweet little guy


6 Replies to “Bisons in Yellowstone NP, by Karin”

    1. thank you Benny. It was really wunderfull. and gave me a trill to do this kind of tier fotography. landschape is so diffulcult, trying and trying. but i wont give up.

  1. Sehr schöne Fotos. Hast du jetzt ein neues Haustier?😉 Die Bisons scheinen ziemlich zutraulich zu sein oder hattest du ein grosses Teleobjektiv?

  2. Thank you ..objectiv was 70-300 mm . But they came close. like 1 meter from the car. and when i was outside the car it was 3 meter. very special. The Grizzle was 100 meter, so then you need a 600. but I don have one. I met a other fotograph. And he saw the grizzle 3 meter. awesome

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