Last Monday we had a lesson outside by Steinibüelweiher in Sempach. Thanks to Thomi und Marcel for this organization. I started with some portraits with my group, Ramona, Peter and Daniel, thank you for being patience with me.

After that we went to the lake to find some nice shots. We try out some different things and Peter helps out with throwing some stones for waterdrops. But we find out Peter can’t throw on the right spot 🙂

Finally it was getting darker and we find Rahel in the woods with some paddo`s and blue light. When the sun was going down, we went for some wurst, wein und stroopwafels. and the lightpainting started (thanks Rahel and Shirley for bringing up the light). I really need te train more on the light/Blitz, when there is less light. BLITZ training!!!!!!more praxis and it will improve. Thanks Thomi for bringing all the stuff

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