a journey into the past
We started from Edinburgh by car. We enjoyed the first day of sunshine in this beautiful city. Edinburgh with a lot of emotions and history.
On the second day we started early direction Oban. It’s a place on the west coast and is known as a „fishing village“. On the way to Oban we made many stops to visit planned ruins and landscapes as well as an antique shop. First stop would have been Blackcastle, but since we got lost we passed a beautiful ruin by a small lake. We changed the plan to another road.
Outlander has helped us to discover and love Scotland, so Lallybroch could not be missed. However, we have been a bit disappointed as this house was a ruin and you did not really see much. We continued to the antique shop in Doune Custle.
After it was late evening and the shop closed, we went further direction Oban. On the way we drove past unbelievable landscapes. We had twice as long as the Navigation System told us, as we stopped over and over to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
We arrived in the evening and where ready to eat quickly and then go to bed. An emotional, exciting day passed and we had plenty of time to work through these impressions before falling sleep.



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