Oban gives you the feeling of being in a completely different age. The whole village is very clear and directly at the sea. It is known for its fishermen who drive to the open sea every day. After a easy shopping morning, we went to the highest point in Oban. The McCaig’s Tower was built for the workers of yesteryear. So that they have protection in wind and weather. However, the tower has no roof therefore it is questionable how much protection people had …
We drove on to Fort William. The streets are narrow and winding through the Highlands. After two hours we stopped at a castle between Oban and Fort William. This was on a river, a small ruin that is already falling. We were impressed by the Athmosphere and it was amazing how the people lived there. It is a special feeling to be in a „house“ that used to be inhabited and is a ruin here and now.

Continue north past Lochness and continue towards Inverness to the top of Rosemarkie (not quite to the north but the highest point on our route). A small mini village that consisted of a pub and a few distributed houses. The navigation system could not even lead us to our apartment. Rosemarkie is located by the sea and from the hill you have a sensational view. The lighthouse at the front of the sea and early in the morning you could even watch Dolphins,

Unfortunately, our time was limited and therefore we went on to Inverness. A small city full of life, with Scottish music and small coffees. After a little shopping marathon we continued to Culloden.
Culloden Batterfield
A place of silence. A place to rest. A place where you go deep inside yourself. A place to think. A place to mourn.

Culloden More is a fascinating place that you really can not put into words. Because this depressing feeling when you stand on the battlefield, this feeling towers above all others.

Next stop in Elgin. We had a really great place to stay with a couple in a small house right in Elgin. At first we thought that this place is not interesting, however, we found a very beautiful old church which consisted in part only of side walls. There we spent a while until we drove on to Cullen that day. Cullen is about as big that if you do not pay attention not even noticed that a village was there. In Cullon, however, there were the greatest old book shops and antique shops. We really spent the whole day there.

Later in the afternoon we continued to Curden Bay to a castle directly at the cliffs. I have to say that I liked the landscape better in the west. However, the cliffs at the east are just incredibly beautiful. There where no people and it was a place to find peace for you mind. This castle without tourists has fascinated us so much that we almost forgot the time to drive to our second-to-last location.

Stonehaven …. well Stonehaven was … unfortunately nothing special and since it was already dark and cold we did not see much of Stonehaven. However, we drove then direction St. Andrews.There was a beautiful castle on a peninsula right on the sea. Apart from the tourists, the castle had a beautiful character.Arrived in St. Andrews like every day the sun was shining and it was getting really warm. At the sea we enjoyed the peace and nature every day again until it finally went on to our destination Edinburgh.

Our last evening in Edinburgh was spent in our first restaurant in Edinburgh. The fact that the owners even recognized us made it easier for us to leave Scotland. With a crying eye and a laughing one, we returned home where our loved ones were waiting for us.
What is certain, we will be back! Scotland has something fascinating, it grabs you and will not let you go. This trip has been one of the most emotional I have done so far.
Thanks to my best friend that I was allowed to experience this with you. ❤️carmela

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