Harmonische Bildcomposition
disharmonische Bild. The lamp in the middel is very annoying
Harmonische Bildcom.
I try to play with the composition
here its to much street in the front. And I used a flash, what makes it to white in the front
try to play with the scene. This one is whiteout the flowers on the right
try to play with the scene. This one is together with the flowers on the right
trying to get a nice composition with the windows and the lamps in the front
the close up didn’t work out, to much lines
Vorder /hintergrund, to much green in the front


Vorder /hintergrund this one is better.
Vorder /hintergrund also one but then turn the camera, I think its to much sky
linien spiel.
Help ! FAILURE. try to work with longer expose, but when its daytime it doesn’t work.
different color, cooler
just a other color, in between, warm and cooler
change it to more cool and white
because off the hotel light, with is quite orange, they stays a little bit orange. but better then the first ones
same orange
I add more blue night color in it


like this more then the first one. still a lot of colors and light but more natural



5 Replies to “Bildgestaltung by Karin”

  1. Well done and very fast delivery! Congrats! Some ideas: take the first pix (night photos with boule players, hotel and lake) again into Lightroom and change the white balance into a more night-like scene (colder). Take the color picker (Pipette) and choose a white point on the photos (now white is yellow, brown or some red). Try different color looks, till you got your favorite mood. The actual color mood is too piss-like, too warm, night never look like this in our eyes. Example: the sky in your cover photo should be a kind of blue.
    I like the colorlook of your daylight and the photo in portrait mode (Hochformat) does not have too much sky for me. This pic would be perfect as a cover photo with enough room in the sky for titles and subitles.

      1. excellent! What do YOU think? They look much more natural. Take these pix to our next photoshop night. We discuss this in class! Hasta la vista hoy en el studio!

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