First time Studio was so nice, It so good to see what different options you have with light and different kind of backgrounds. Thanks to Roger, Rahel, Shirley to help use out with the practice and ofcourse Thomi with the tips and tricks. And a big thank you to Ramona

We first start with some light practice and Rahel helpt use out. First light just from one site
Because it was to bright we put the light one meter backwards and then you see improvement
after this we put some light also from the left site, already much better.
then we try to reflected the light with some white under the face.
Then we change from white background to black background
After Rahel helpt use out we switch to Roger. And we try to kopie a imagine from Pinterest.


This one ik like because of the light in the back
Last part was try to practice with light and a atribute we took the ananas from Ramona.

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