Rhätische Bahn to St Moritz. by Karin

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Travelling with the train is something I never do, but this track is so beautiful that you have to experience it. Its a world heritage railway.

The Albula and Bernina railway lines form the core zones of the RhB UNESCO World Heritage site. The Albula line was completed in 1903, the Bernina line in 1910. Both railway lines connect the Upper Engadine to facilitate international tourism and are tourist attractions in their own right.

Renowned professional engineers were called upon for the construction of the Albula line (Thusis – St. Moritz). The track routing and all engineering constructions were built according to standards that represented the most progressive practices of mountain railway construction. The Albula railway was designed as a classic mountain railway for steam locomotives. Its track routing and engineering structures made out of local quarry stone were the highlight of the classical period of railway construction.

We went from Hünenberg Zythus to St Moritz, total travel time 9 hours. I try some WB out in my camera, what happens to the color of snow in LR when you change it. When I arrived at St Moritz my camera was so cold that it stopped working. After a lunch we walked back to Samedan, very nice village, much better then St Moritz. 

2 Replies to “Rhätische Bahn to St Moritz. by Karin”

  1. Great pictures! Beautiful scenery AND work! Enjoy your holiday AND photographing! By the way: St. Moritz is just a ghetto – a ghetto of the richest. There are much more nice places AROUND! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE VERMEULEN-CLAN!

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